Loan Servicing Software
Service the Entire Loan Life Cycle

No other loan servicing software compares to Nortridge Software in depth of configuration. It's one of the reasons why so many financial companies, in so many industries, use Nortridge and it all starts here - in loan servicing depth.

Create Beautifully Tailored Loan Products

Support multiple lines of loan products like installment, marketplace unsecured, secured loans, lines of credit, mortgage, auto, and many more.

Loan Types

Easily create different loan types including term loans, non-revolving, commitment and pool loans.

Interest Methods

Choose among simple interest, fixed amortized, fixed amortized (beginning), Rule of 78s and average daily balance.


Accrue on the first day, or the last, or both. Beginning or end of day. Interest year of 360, 364, 365, 366, or actual.

Interest Rates

Set a base rate (e.g. Libor, WSJ Prime). Compound based on days, number of periods. Set minimum interest, a post-maturity rate, default interest and same as cash.

Payment Periods

Choose among days, weekly, bieekly, semi-monthly, 28 days, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, maturity, or define your own.

Automatic Late Fees

Automated Late Fee and NSF processing – automatic removal on effective dated payments or addition on reversals and NSF.

Payment Application Options

Define the payment application waterfall and customer rules to control thresholds and payoffs.

Plus Much More

Our multi-currency feature reconciles loans made in other currencies. Set up amortized fee schedules. Plus much more.

Accept payments that adapt to your customers

The best way to improve collections is to avoid delinquent accounts in the first place. It starts with making it easy for your borrowers to make payments - in the way that works best for them. Nortridge Software natively accepts credit cards via our partnership with Merchant Partners. You can do recurring credit card transactions and recurring ACH payments. You can even leverage the network of 7-Eleven and ACE stores to accept cash payments on your behalf via PayNearMe. All with the enterprise level security one would expect from Nortridge.


Accept Credit Cards

Accept credit cards and debit cards safely and securely.

ACH Payments

Setup recurring automatic ACH payments natively.


Accept cash payments at any
7-Eleven with PayNearMe.


Tie your lockbox account to Nortridge Software.

Western Union

Easily accept Western Union payments.


Easily accept MoneyGram payments.

And Many More

Need to accept a different form of payment? Contact us

Contact & Borrower Management

Mantain a tighly integrated record of borrowers, investors, dealers, and much more.

rich data behind every customer image

Rich Data on Every Borrower and Contact

Track and leverage all the information you need for every borrower and contact. Pull and store credit reports, verify addresses, track information on loans and detailed demographics with user defined fields (UDFs). All of this information is tied to reports allowing you to manipulate and analyze all data, and use it to better originate and collect on loan products.

rich data behind every customer image

Omni-Channel Communication

Communicate to your borrowers based on their preferences. Send them texts*, emails, or classic mail. Give them the ability to make payments, pull statements and check their balance via a borrower portal. All communication is stored back in the Nortridge Loan System for reporting and analysis.

CRM for lending

Contact Relationships at its Best

Track a lot more than just borrowers. Create contact types that allow you to build rich data on co-borrowers, investors, multiple-investors (P2P models), servicers, lenders and pretty much any other type of contact you can think of. All of them can be tied to one or multiple loans allowing you to keep all data in one place: Nortridge Software. An additional CRM isn't even needed.

Credit Score Profiles

Pull and store credit reports from all major bureaus and alternative ones under each contact and create rules based on credit data


Keep track of all communication with borrowers and other contacts in one place.

Store Custom Data

Use User Defined Fields (UDFs) to capture rich demographic data on every borrower and contact.

Address Verification

Every address is verified against the Postal Service's database. Now you can always send statements to the right place.

So Much Data it would Make An Analyst Blush

Direct access to all the loan servicing data you need to run reports, business analytics, business intelligence, and machine learning.

rich data behind every customer image

Graphical Dashboards

Keep track of important information in real time with graphical dashboards.

contact relationships at it's best

Leverage Big Data

Every loan has in-depth statistics, daily trial balance for the loan, detailed transaction data and loan payment history... and that is just the beginning.

But what are we saying? - The only way to truly understand the depth of power and configuration of Nortridge Software when it comes to loan servicing is a demonstration.

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