Our fully integrated collections module allows you to see all of the pertinent information about a delinquent loan or borrower on one screen. This screen can be customized to display the data fields important to your specific collection activities including how many times that borrower has had an NSF payment, payments past due 10, 30 60, 90, and 120 + days, and the number of kept and broken promises. A series of tabs along the bottom of the screen allow the user to view detailed information including payments due, payment history, collateral and important statistics.

You Also Get

  • Quick access to payment histories, collateral information, loan modifications, and month-to-date (for current period or any previous period since loan origination), year-to-date, and life-to-date statistics
  • Commenting capabilities throughout for officer notations, messages, phone logs, and notes
  • Customizable collection screen
  • Promises to pay with automatic kept and broken functionality based on cash received
  • Rules-based collector processing with personal and master campaigns; ability to create personal campaigns (using any combination of fields) or utilize master campaigns
  • Customized Action, Result, and Collection codes that allow for efficient utilization of the collector's time
  • TAPI interface for dialing automation
  • Priority comment functionality providing popups of important information regarding collection of account

But what are we saying? - The only way to truly understand the depth of power and configuration of Nortridge Software when it comes to loan servicing is a demonstration.

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