Hosting Solutions

A dedicated hosting environment that is optimized for running NLS.

NOT just any cloud - Better.

You are not just buying a hosting service - you are establishing a partnership. One that allows you to implement faster and enables you to focus more on lending and launching new initiatives.


We worry about end-to-end security so you don’t have to.

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End-to-end Encryption

TLS 1.2 or higher provides end to end encryption across servers and applications.

Best in class Firewalls

Firewalls provided by PaloAlto Networks.

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Nightly off-site backups

Nightly off-site backups with protection from CryptoLocker and other ransomware.

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3rd-Party Security Scans

Audited and scanned by a third-party security firm for extra peace of mind.

SOC 2 certification

SOC 2 Audited

Full compliance and certification for SOC II.

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Hot Site Recovery

In the event of failure, a hot-site recovery system allows the system to recover in a matter of hours, not days.

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Always up-to-date patching

Sometimes, the best way to mitigate risk is to take care of the simple operational tasks. Some of the latest data breaches in financial institutions are due to inadequate maintenance and patching. It is why we are committed to a regimented schedule for patching operating systems and critical hardware.

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A fully managed environment

Our hosting services are much more than just hardware. It’s all the operational expertise that creates a secure, reliable, and performant environment—freeing up your infrastructure team to do more.

  • Managed database
    Manage all aspects of database maintenance and tuning.
  • Managed servers
    Manage all aspects of app and web servers.
  • Critical updates
    Manage all operating system updates and patching.
  • Hardware lifecycle
    We replace all hardware on a strict schedule, keeping the system performant.

Nortridge’s Managed Hosting Services provide peace of mind.

The value of hosting with us extends beyond merely hosting. It allows you to focus on the critical aspects of the business.

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Faster time to market

Save time and remove the risk of setting up hardware or configuring a generic hosting solution.

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Pay per use cost structure

Tiered usage allows you to scale your hardware as you grow, minimizing up-front costs.

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Leverage expertise

Remove the learning curve. Leverage the 20 years of experience hosting the Nortridge Loan System.

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Switch Datacenter - Our hosting partner

Switch operates some of the most advanced data centers in the world. The Reno site, our choice for Nortridge Hosting Services, features 100% green power, sub-7ms fiber, and 100% guaranteed uptime.

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Partnerships for enterprise security

We’ve chosen some of the best partners in Enterprise applications. From Microsoft Enterprise SQL Server to Palo Alto Networks and Carbon Black.