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The Nortridge loan system has been around for over 40 years and is used and recognized as the best by some of the most valuable lending businesses.

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What is Loan Management Software?

Lending management software is a platform that handles everything to do with loans, from servicing loans to management and collections. Rapidly scale while simultaneously reducing overhead costs by using workflows and automation.
*Via third-party partnerships or creating a customized front-end by leveraging our consulting team.

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Loan Servicing

Improve efficiency and minimize delinquency rates. Our loan management software allows you to easily create new loan products and expand into new markets. This takes a few minutes and is done right inside the UI. No need for custom programming - which takes weeks!

Expand Servicing
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Rapidly improve your collection rates. Our fully integrated collections module allows you to continuously improve your practices.

Improve Collections
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Reporting & Statements

Improve decisions and keep track of key measurements. Easily create custom reports or get started with 100s of standard ones.

Reports and Statements
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Workflow and Automation

Automate your business through workflows and scripting. Make processes quicker and eliminate manual actions.

Automate & Workflows
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Loan Origination

Use our consulting team to create the originations front-end of your dreams or plug into an existing system.

Loan Origination
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Management Analytics

Manage your business with real-time dashboards. Track and leverage loan statistics and much more.

Management Analytics

Technology Architecture

Nortridge's loan manager software helps you keep your loans organized and under control.

Enterprise Stack

IIS, Microsoft SQL (Oracle too!), running a highly optimized platform for speed. Optional direct database access.

Integral Scripting

Supports C-Script and VBScript that allows you to customize application behavior and control the workflow rules.

Comprehensive API

Our API supports multiple interfaces including XML, SOAP, COM, VB and C++.

Web Portal Friendly

Create a web portal using our RESTful API that allows your customers to pay online and view statements.

Modules +

Additional modules for multibook accounting, escrow, and participations.

Loan Origination

Enterprise Level

It's a platform that is made for efficiency, growth and scale. Highly optimized, and highly scalable.


Keep your data secure with high security controls and granularly defined user security access.

Direct Database Access

Get direct access to an updated duplicate of your database for further reporting and data analysis.

Help Every Step of the Way

Customization done by an experienced and talented in-house consulting team. Tap into our U.S.-based customer support any time. Learn from our training team that consistently produces webinars and training videos to make mastering our loan management software easier. Visit our online community of lenders like you.

Consulting Services

Leveraging our broad experience and utilizing proven methodologies, our consultants can reduce implementation costs, develop customized solutions and streamline business processes.

Consulting Services

Personal Training

Flexible training options to ensure your team is best prepared to leverage our product. Courses are available for multiple focus areas and skill levels and can be conducted at our site, at your site, or online.

Talk to a Trainer

Support Centers

Direct access to experienced service professionals for immediate assistance with daily operations and system usage. All our customer support is provided during regular business hours no matter where you are within the United States.

Support Info

Webinar & Community

Enjoy our monthly webinars where we highlight different parts of Nortridge Software and demonstrate new features. Every webinar is recorded and available for future viewing.

Video Library

Small Business or Enterprise? We’ve Got You Covered

Our loan management software is designed to be as customizable as possible with as many seamless integrations as you could possibly ever need - which makes the NLS the perfect loan management software for small business and large businesses alike.

Cloud Based

Our loan manager software is hosted in the cloud to give the fastest experience possible. Gone are the days of local spreadsheets that took ages to load. Enjoy the benefits of lightning fast cloud-based loan management software.

More Than Your Typical Software for Loan Management

The NLS doesn’t stop at loan management - our suite extends to the entire loan process from servicing and managing loans all the way to complex default management solutions - the NLS has it all.

Make Your Loan Manager Software Work For You

With complex automations and a unique innovative rule engine, your loan management software will work for you and not against you.

Customizable from Head to Toe

The Nortridge loan management software has an entire warehouse of customization options! You can customize every aspect of the Nortridge loan management software to make it look and function the exact way you want and need it to.

Setting Loan Management Software Standards

With 40 years of experience and refining the product, we’ve set industry standards across the nation. The development of our loan management software has taken into account the feedback we have received from Nortridge users. We listen to our community and take their advice seriously and with that, our software continues to evolve into something much larger than we originally intended. No non-practical changes, ever.

Three Loan Management Software Delivery Options


Cloud software

Use our Software As A Service (SaaS), when and where you need it. Offered at a reasonable monthly fee that keeps startup cost to a minimum and provides predictable ongoing budgeting, you'll get all of our features and functionality from anywhere.

Enterprise License

Licensed on prem software

Get maximum flexibility with this option. When you license NLS, you'll be able to host it on your own servers and have full control over the deployment.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud servers

Take us up on our loan management software license and let us host it for you in your own private cloud instance. This option provides the best of both worlds.

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