Published: March 22, 2016


Entities are used in NLS to determine the type of contact in a loan. In this webinar, Robert will be walking you through how to configure your entity on NLS.

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In this video I’m going to talk about Entities. Entities are a selection that can be made on Contact Records that are going to control the number fields that are going to display on that Contact Record. Notice that I am on the Contact Record Robert Buskirk and this contact has an entity type of Individual. That means there’s going to be one name field, one tax identification number field, one Date of Birth (DOB) field and one email address field.

If I select another type of entity called Couple, we’re going to have two name fields, two tax identification number fields, two Date of Birth fields, and two email address fields.

We can also select the entity type of organization type or Company and when we do that, we have the same number of fields as we had for couple but we have an extra line for the company name. So you would put the company’s name here and maybe the two primary contacts for that company.

Now I’ve already configured entities in my database so you might just see individual if you haven’t configured any. So to configure your entities, go into the Setup, expand Contact Setup, and select Entity. Here, you can add a new entity type and you can call it whatever you want but it needs to have one of these three entity types selection. So maybe I’ll call this one, Organization, and then I’ll select the Organization entity type.

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