Client Profile

Vehicle Acceptance Corp.

"NLS is without a doubt the best investment we have ever made."- James E. Neubauer, Chairman

September 1, 2016

Company Overview

Vehicle Acceptance Corporation, sometimes referred to as VAC, is headquartered in Dallas with eight regional offices throughout the United States. The company was established in the late 1980s to service the ever-growing needs of independent used car dealers who were looking for ways to expand their purchasing power and business potential.

Business Challenge

VAC's previous loan information management system was obsolete, which limited their ability to move into new lines of business. Their home-grown Access-based system was outdated, and they realized they needed something that was scalable and flexible.

The Solution

After exploring different platforms, VAC discovered that NLS could handle their plans for a new lending business. They chose NLS because of the technology's depth, complexity and flexibility. They also wanted a SQL-based system and a site license. Nortridge met all their requirements. Key features that allowed them to adapt to new financing products include:

  • Commitments or credit lines track overall borrowing limits
  • Loans can have different interest and principal payment cycles
  • NLS allows for flexible structuring of fees - each deal can be different
  • Comprehensive inventory and collateral tracking


Vehicle Acceptance Corporation launched its new financing product in July 2013. Since then, they've seen tremendous growth. "All through the set-up of NLS, and even today, three years later, the software continues to exceed our expectations." said Jim Neubauer, VAC chairman and certified chief compliance officer.