Reduce the costs of mailing paper statements.

Print and mail statements with the press of a button

Nortridge customers can print and mail statements and letters to their customers directly from the Nortridge Loan System. Printing and mailing is done through our printing vendor. We charge for each item mailed with no run charges, minimums, set up fees, or contracts.

IMb Tracing

IMb Tracing is a U.S. Postal Service feature that provides information on mail pieces as each piece is scanned during its journey to the recipient. Tracing information, including date, time, and location, are available for each piece of mail sent via NLS.

Remittance IMb Tracing

Remittance tracing provides notifications of the remittance copy of the statement when it's on the way back. It's sort of a "check is in the mail" type notification. Based on these useful notifications, Nortridge customers can remove collection actions from a collection queue and manage load in payment processing, saving time and redundancies.

Returned Mail Processing Coming Soon

When the U.S. Postal Service returns a piece of mail, they will scan it and apply an Operation Code denoting it is being returned to sender or destroyed. Although the reason for it being undeliverable is unknown, getting back information of the pending return allows for accelerated processing of the returned item.

NCOA - National Change of Address

National Change of Address service validates and compares the name and address of contacts in NLS with the latest USPS database.


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Latest Report Pack

Use standard statements on the latest report pack or custom statements.

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NLS Version 5.19+

Upgrade to the latest NLS version to get NCOA validation.

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Address Validation

Always send to a legitimate address using the address verification feature.

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