Multi-Book Accounting Module in Nortridge's Loan Servicing Software

The Nortridge Multiple-Book Accounting module allows loans to report to two or more different sets of books in the General Ledger.

Example #1 A loan has been charged off, or partially charged off on the official ledger, but there is also a need to keep the entire loan on the system and attempt to collect on the full amount.

Example #2 Loans are purchased at a discount or premium. This module will allow the full note balance to be tracked on the master loan, and the actual cost basis can be tracked on the shadow loan.


  • Allows user to track and report on separate balances
  • Transaction flow-through to shadow loan(s), if desired
  • Set parameters that control the interaction with the master loan
  • Monies can be distributed via basis recovery, discount method, or daily prorated income method