Visually Track the Data that is important to you

Use pie charts, bar charts, line charts, tables, and geographical charts to keep up with loan metrics that are important to you.

Neutral-tone graphic of a pie chart
Neutral-tone graphic of report graph
Neutral-tone graphic of the continents of the Earth
Neutral-tone graphic of a blank excel sheet
Neutral-tone graphic of a line chart

Built-in Charts

Loan Porfolio

  • New loans per day/month
  • New loan total dollar amount per day/month
  • Active loans per porfolio
  • Total portfolio loan balance

Loan Averages

  • Average loan balance at origination
  • Average principal balance
  • Average interest rate
  • Average interest rate at origination
  • Average term at origination in days
  • Average term remaininig in days


  • Average days deliquent
  • Dollars collected
  • Current days deliquent
  • Average days deliquent by State