Executive Team

Talented executive team leads Nortridge

Greg Hindson, CEO of Nortridge Software

Greg Hindson

CEO and President

Some people know their calling early in life and set their sails in that direction. Others stumble upon a career path then ends up combining their skills and passion in a way very few people experience. Greg's life is the latter. Although he's always been interested in technology - his first...

Chris Ewoldt, CFO of Nortridge Software

Chris Ewoldt


Chris has spent his career looking for interesting opportunities, putting together funding, and bringing those ideas to life. Through the years, he's learned valuable lessons from his various successes and failures. He brought that experience and knowledge to Nortridge in 1991...

Jeff Possehl, Director of Business Development, Nortridge Software

Jeff Possehl

Director of Business Development

Jeff Possehl's fascination with technology goes back a long way. Today, he serves as managing director of Nortridge Software where he manages, plans and oversees all aspects of Nortridge Loan System's hosted environment. His extensive marketing and sales background has helped Nortridge grow considerably since he joined the company...

Kim Stempel VP of Sales Nortridge Software

Kim Stempel

Vice President - Sales

Kim got her first experience in banking and finance years ago when she spent her summers working the drive-thru window at an Illinois bank. Today, in her role as vice president, sales and business development for Nortridge Software, she is responsible for the sales team as well as forming key business partnerships and relationships...

Kim Stempel VP of Sales Nortridge Software

Aaron Abrams

Director of Implementations

Aaron Abrams is the director of implementations for Nortridge Software. He's responsible for managing a team of highly skilled and dedicated project managers and consulting developers tasked with helping Nortridge clients with the technical and professional services required to implement the Nortridge Loan System (NLS) into their...