Consumer Lending Software:
Manage, Service and Administer New Consumer Installment Loans With Ease

Set up and service consumer installment loans of all shapes and sizes.

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We needed something accurate first and foremost -- a system that was efficient and a system that was flexible with loans after closing.

Amanda Baldwin

— Credit Analyst, Pactola

Flexible loan configuration

Create Flexible Loan Products

Amortized payments, simple interest, interest-only, percentage and fixed-principal reductions, interest-only beginning periods, step payments, and custom payment schedules.

Multiple Interest Options

Handles fixed, variable, compound, step-by-amount, step-by-days, post-maturity, default rates, deferred, and payment-in-kind (PIK) interest.

Multiple Loan Types

In addition to term loans, track large projects via commitments/tranches, revolving and non-revolving lines of credit. Also, track interest reserves and other reserves.

Easy Loan Modifications

Modify loan terms, change due dates, alter payment frequencies, and defer payments - all without a loan restructure.

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Nortridge Software Lending Platform

Lending software as a core

Leverage the NLS API to create modern architecture systems. Use it to integrate into any 3rd party applications.

Mobile borrower app
3rd party originations
Borrower portal
Analytics & Data Output
Vendor portal
Custom applications
Full API reference

Bank-grade security

Keep your data secure with a combination of strong security architecture including data encryption at rest and only using secure connections (TLS 1.2/https) and software features like role-based authorization and strong audit trails.

  • Role-based security controls
  • Data encrypted at rest + HTTPS/SSL 1.2
  • SOC II compliant
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Fantastic Loan Management

All communication in one place

Keep comments and documents about loans, borrowers, and collateral in one place.

Powerful contact management

Manage your borrowers, co-borrowers, investors, vendors, and other relationships.

Manage grants and investors

Manage grants, investors, and bank loans.

Track collateral

Track multiple pieces and types of collateral, including expiration and renewal dates.

Automation and integration

Automate and make processes quicker by leveraging workflows, scripting, and our open API for 3rd party integrations.

Plug-in loan origination

Plug-into your loan origination system and avoid double data entry.

Powerful reporting

Highly configurable reports

Use one of our hundreds of stock reports or create one of your own. Output to PDF or Excel.

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Track and report important data

Hundreds of user-defined fields and tabs specifically to track and report CIIS data and economic impact.