Consumer Installment Industry

The perfect solution for setting up and servicing consumer installment loans of all shapes and sizes.

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Consumer Loan Management is now easier than ever. Getting a handle on consumer loan servicing used to require assembling disparate systems that struggled to speak the same language. Times have changed. The Nortridge Loan System is perfect for setting up and servicing consumer installment loans of all shapes and sizes. Extend lines of credit to your borrowers with or without a beginning principle balance. Make loans of any amount with any fee and payment structure. Make loans with multiple rate options that are triggered by variables like direct deposit, account status and account balance. With built-in features like Customer Relationship Management, Workflow Task Management, Credit Bureau Reporting and Role Based Security, our loan servicing software platform truly is a complete solution for servicing consumer installment debt.


  • Handles direct, indirect and retail loans
  • Loan templates configurable by state and product to keep you in compliance with interest rates, late fees, and NSF fees
  • All interest rate methods supported, including rule of 78s with rebate calculation
  • Track holdbacks and recourse for indirect lenders' and dealers' productivity reporting
  • Multiple methods to recognize fee and discount income
  • Tracks separate charges with revolving and non-revolving credit lines with optional usage, draw, annual and other fees. Generate a single statement.
  • Separate portfolios for individual operating entities or for private labeling
  • Flexible payment frequencies such as weekly, bi-weekly, semi-weekly, bi-monthly, and 28-day cycles
  • Supports same-as-cash, deferred payments and other platforms
  • Search by address, social security number, phone number, and any field or combination of fields
  • Automated charged-off processing and small balance processing according to your rules
  • Web portal for dealers and borrowers

Manage the entire lifecycle of your loan portfolio in one place.

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