Commercial Loan Software

When no two commercial loans are the same, there is one software that handles all loans - Nortridge.

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Expand into commercial lending

Processes that are hard (or impossible) in other loan systems are easy with Nortridge.

Easy loan changes.

No need to rewrite loans to make a small change.

  • Loan extensions
  • Loan restructures that keep all loan history
  • Rate modifications

Complex loan products.

Fully customizable loan products unlike any other loan management system.

  • Servicing fees
  • Lines of credit (revolving and non)
  • Draw fees
  • Commitments

Participated loans.

Participated loans are handled easily with Nortridge.

  • Sub-accounting for participations
  • Disbursements

See the features you care about and get answers to all your questions.

About Nortridge Software

A few reasons we are a better choice for lenders.

Implement and onboard successfully.
And dare we say, faster?

Consulting and training services make implementing our loan software better.

If you've been in the industry long enough, you'll know that implementing software across the organization is a daunting task.

That's where our consulting and training teams come in.

Our teams have a track record of successful implementations. Making it faster to onboard your entire lending organization and implement quickly.

See Success Stories

A fantastic support team.

We don't like to brag, but our customers love our customer support team. You know, for the reasons anyone loves customer support: They pick up the phone, provide answers (and if they don't know, find someone that does), and most importantly - care. But don't take our word for it. Here's what some of our customers say:

  • "Good support, good tools like the videos and great training via WebEx. Our reps have been great."
  • "The overall experience has been amazing! The Nortridge team has been awesome to work with, and we truly feel they are concerned about our overall needs as a company to not only maintain but grow into areas we weren't able to in our legacy system."

Plenty of resources to help make the most out of our lending software.

What's better than software documentation? - Documentation that gets better every time a customer calls with a feature question. Over time we have developed, yes, the classic UserGuide, but also a handful of additional resources for the do-it-yourself fans:

An established company, going on 40 years.

Nortridge has been around long enough to have migrated from floppy disk installations and greenscreens to Windows and on-prem software to web-based apps in the cloud. That's a solid foundation to help build the future of lending.

See Exec Team