Commercial Lending Industry

Designed to provide exceptional flexibility and control to commercial lenders and loan servicers

With The Nortridge Loan System you can tailor your loans to meet the needs and repayment abilities of your borrowers instead of forcing borrowers to meet the terms of your loan servicing software. Designed to provide exceptional flexibility and control to commercial lenders and loan servicers, our comprehensive loan servicing software package helps you to better manage your loans whether they are revolving lines of credit, term loans, interest-only, varying-interest or principal periods, to name a few. Nortridge easily handles fixed, variable, step, compound and secondary (deferred or PIK) interest. Rates can be tied to indexes with varying change periods and constraints. Terms can be modified, and history maintained, as the borrowers' ability to repay changes without having to payoff and enter a new loan. This flexibility allows us to generate a wide range of customized reports to both management and investors and to establish links to other back-office processing systems for a streamlined work flow. Additionally, Nortridge offers fully integrated banking and cash management including ACH and Lockbox capabilities.


  • Custom payment schedules allow you to set up changing payment terms and interest structures
  • Secondary interest streams allow you to maximize your return on the loan without causing a hardship to a new and growing business
  • Generate statements, late notices, ACH advices and confirmation letters
  • Fully integrated banking and cash management, including ACH and lockbox capabilities
  • Simplified, all-inclusive collateral tracking
  • Ability to pool loans for resale or investment purposes
  • Contact management, call tracking and task management

Manage the entire lifecycle of your loan portfolio in one place.

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