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ConsumerFi Podcast: Loss Mitigation with Carissa Robb of

Joel is joined by Carissa Robb, President and COO of Constant.Ai, to discuss the importance of non-traditional credit attributes outside of FICO scores, how blanket policies can lead to poor forbearance decisions and a rundown of Carissa’s recent article in the Non Prime Times

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Best Practices Selecting Loan Servicing Software

Making the right call on software to help your corporate support group run more smoothly is tough, no matter what part of the business you’re beholden to…whether it be Human Resources, Sales or Accounting.

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ConsumerFi Podcast: Market Outlook with TruDecision's Daniel Parry

Joel is with Daniel Parry, President and CEO of TruDecision, to talk about the auto finance market outlook, including why it maybe premature to be worried about a recession, why dealerships might be here to stay and how the pandemic drove innovation.

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ConsumerFi Podcast: The Credit Chronometer with Joseph Cioffi

Joel welcomes Joseph Cioffi, Partner and Chair of the Insolvency, Creditors’ Rights & Financial Products Practice Group at Davis & Gilbert, to discuss his Subprime Auto Loan Credit Chronometer, a must-read survey that analyzes credit ratings…

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Native ACH processing in NLS

We are often asked about the best way to process ACH. Lenders wonder if there’s a provider or integration we recommend. They are usually surprised when we tell them that we have ACH processing embedded in the Nortridge Loan System (NLS).

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An Introduction to Two-Way SMS Communications

Two-way texting enables lenders to build relationships with their borrowers by personalizing the experience. SBT’s Vivek Rao provides this introduction to get started.

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NLS 5.21 New Features

NLS 5.21 has dozens of enhancements and small updates. Below, we highlight some of the more significant changes that we think users will really appreciate.