NLS 5.27 New Features

July 28, 2021

NLS 5.27 release

NLS version 5.27 features a set of small feature improvements that our customers have been asking for.

Payment Processing

Rules To-do to Validate Card Payment Amount

Added new Rules To-do “before manual Card payment is processed” which executes a script when the Process button is clicked in the manual card payment entry dialog.

Quick ACH/AFT Setup

Quick ACH Setup is now Quick ACH/AFT Setup for use with both ACH and AFT payments.

Multiple Disbursement Account in NACHA

Added a new option for displaying all vouchers with pre-assigned disbursement accounts when processing vouchers as ACH.


Manual transactions and reverse manual transactions with cash/check payment methods and a transaction type of impound will now affect cash drawers.

Default Management

Days Past Due Display Configuration

Added a new Loan Defaults option to choose how the Days Past Due value is displayed.

View Bankruptcy Proof of Claim Result

Added a new “Run Claims Register” command for bankruptcy to display the details of an existing bankruptcy proof of claim filing.

Add Bankruptcy Notification Via XML

Added a new XML import element, , to manually add cases to NLS’s monitoring of bankruptcies in the event that a BankruptcyWatch notification was not processed.

Repo Task UDF Location

Added a new option to show all Repo task UDFs in the Relationship tab instead of in a separate Detail tab.

Borrower Management - Address Verification

Ignore Missing Unit for DPV

Added a new option to Contact Setup > Defaults to ignore missing suite/unit/apartment number in the address during DPV.


Additional Statistics for Statement Job Email

Email alert for statements generated by NLS Service now includes the following; number of loans processed, errors, elapsed time, start and end times, thread count, computer name, and additional details.

Added an option to Contact Type setup to include related comments in a loan and contact to also show comments from related contacts.


Added additional keywords to be used with document templates for accessing the officer, collection officer, and risk rating data.


Added a new keyword, {NLS_ACH_RETURN_REASON}, for use in email and SMS templates.



Added the ability to add check boxes and free form text fields to a DocuSign document.



Expanded the Contacts > Contact Record and Contacts > Field Level Access > Address update privileges to cover the Disable Address Verification, Exclude from NCOA Processing, Disable Mailing of Statements/Notices, and Override Mailing Name options in addition to the OK button on the Address dialog.


Added a new user/group security privilege setting for configuring the accessibility of the “Disputed Loans” and “Communication” ribbon bar commands in Collector Mode.

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