Auto Finance Software:
Auto Lending Software Made Easy

Auto Loan Servicing Software is the secret tool to succeed in the changing world of auto financing.


Generate bills, send statements, and take payments

Nortridge's auto lending software is the most efficient and accurate way to keep loans organized.

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Accept Payments Anywhere

Accept credit cards, cash, checks, ACH, Western Union, MoneyGram, PayNearMe, LockBox and many more.

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Borrower Portal

Your borrowers can go online to view their statements, pay online, and self service their account.

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Track Multiple Fees

Track fees including late fees, NSF, DMV, doc prep, GPS, repo, legal and others.

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Easy Loan Modification

Modify loan terms, change due dates, alter payment frequencies, defer payments - all without a complete loan restructure.

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Status Codes

Track multiple user-defined status codes such as deferred, in collections, legal, repo, charged-off and bankruptcy.

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Credit Bureau Reporting

Pull, analyze and store credit reports. Report credit based on loan status to the major credit bureau agencies.

Analyze and Report

Track loan data in real time using tailored reports and graphical dashboards

Our industry-leading auto loan management software is combined with decades of experience managing billions in loans on behalf of lenders.

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Comprehensive portfolio management, accounting, collection, and collateral reports; all filtered and grouped to individual user needs and specifications.

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With our auto lending software, you can Generate customized billing statements that include your logo. Print and mail services available through NLS (Nortridge Loan System).

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Late Notices and Other Documents

Send late notices based on days past due, generate pay-off notices, and create custom word documents - all stored for easy retrieval.

Workflows, API & Scripting

Customized workflows take you through each step of the automobile loan application, tracking and origination process. They also allow you to create custom processes like customer resolution. Our extensive API allows you to connect to any third-party programs and services bringing all the information you need to one place. Scripting is available to automate tasks and to give you complete flexibility in configuration.

Help at Every Step

Tap our internal consulting team to implement Nortridge Auto Loan Software. Use our training experts to train your staff on using our system. You can also join Nortridge's Online Community to talk to other Nortridge users. You'll also find: NLS documentation, API information, NLS release information, and webinars and training videos only available to our clients.


Integrated systems allow you to significantly improve collections

The NLS auto loan servicing software is a critical piece of equipment for any automotive lender.

Campaign Builder

A collection management tool to create an unlimited number of custom collection campaign queues for assignment to multiple collector groups.

Collection Action and Result Codes

Configurable action and result codes including promise-to-pay tracking, follow up dates, and comments.

Track Repossessions

Track repos with our customizable workflow. Workflows can also be created for other tasks such as legal. Our auto loan software covers it all.

There is only one way to see the full functionality of Nortridge’s Auto Loan Servicing Software. Schedule a demonstration by one of our software experts. They'll give you a tour of the features most important to you and answer any questions you may have.

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