About Us

A little history about Nortridge Software

Leading developer of financial software since 1981

One software solution that benefits your entire loan servicing operation, from originations and servicing to collections and reporting.

Founder Vael Nortridge, considered an innovator in the banking industry, took his experience with community banks in the Midwest and the introduction of the PC to create a company that automated some of the back office work usually handled manually. The company continued to evolve as technology changed and new industry needs arose. Specifically, in the early 1990s, there was a growing demand for a comprehensive and flexible loan accounting and servicing system that would meet the competitive needs of the lending industry. The Nortridge Loan System was born.

Today's president and CEO, Greg Hindson, started with the company in the early 90s as a developer, and to this day, he's involved with product planning and programming. The company philosophy remains the same after all these years - dedication to our client's success.

Our promise to you

Lenders and services shouldn't have to change processes to match the capabilities of a software platform. It should be the other way around. Nortridge Loan System aims to align with your business requirements to help your organization meet its goals. NLS is the culmination of years of asking the right questions and listening to our clients. We want to deliver a flexible and robust toolbox to efficiently originate and service loan portfolios - all on your terms.

Visiting our office?

If you are visiting our office we recommend the hotel below, its across the parking lot from our location.