The Nortridge Loan Management System

Too often, loan servicers change their business methods because of the limitations of their loan management software. This leads to operational inefficiencies and costs.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The Nortridge Loan System conforms to your business and helps you operate in the most efficient manner possible. This means bigger profits for your current business -- and the ability to expand into other profitable loan product lines.

loan lifecycle servicing

Loan Servicing

Loan servicing is a challenging business, complicated further when you lack the proper tools to backdate payments and rate changes, track important data, avoid manual calculations, and consistently churn out performance reports uniquely suited to the reporting needs of your investors and board of directors. Nortridge Loan System (NLS) is a loan servicing solution backed by nearly three decades of experience helping lenders and loan servicing businesses more efficiently track loans and generate reports critical to their organizations and their respective stakeholders. Learn more

loan lifecycle collections


Our fully integrated collections module allows you to see all of the pertinent information about a delinquent loan or borrower on one screen. Screens can be customized to display the data fields important to your specific collection activities, including how many times that borrower has had an NSF payment, payments past due 10, 30 60, 90, and 120 + days, and the number of kept and broken promises. A series of tabs along the bottom of the screen allow the user to view detailed information including payments due, payment history, collateral and important statistics. Learn more

loan lifecycle reporting


The Nortridge Loan System features hundreds of predefined, standard reports. Each report has up to 40 selectable parameters that provide extensive customization and sorting options. Reports with custom parameters can be saved, made public or private, or scheduled to run automatically at pre-determined intervals and printed or stored in the database for easy viewing. Perhaps the most powerful feature of Nortridge’s reporting solution is the concept of “as of” dates – reports can be run as of any point in history. Want to know what your outstanding delinquencies were on June 17th or January 21st? Just set an “as of” date parameter and run the report. Learn more

workflow management cycle

Workflow Management

The Nortridge Loan System features customizable workflow management and rules processing to manage key business process steps throughout the life of a loan. Ensure verification of key data points such as employment, income level, bank information and references as new loans are boarded. Control customer contacts based on any variable. Manage repossession assignments, title processing, or post charge-off procedures. And all that power requires no programming – just build workflows and rule sets using our graphical tools. Learn more

loan lifecycle origination

Loan Origination

Nortridge features fully integrated origination capability allowing you to close more loans in less time and have one system to manage the complete loan life cycle. Configurable workflow management and advanced rules processing capabilities make it easy to streamline and automate many of the business processes required to originate a new loan. Learn more

Standard Features

standard features laptop grey

Everything You Need and More

The Nortridge Loan System provides you with the flexibility to configure loan management based on the needs of your own lending business. Pulling, analyzing and storing credit reports plus rules-based verifications, stipulations, alerts and document generation come standard. Cumulatively, these functions help you meet the demands of today's lending marketplace and to manage more loans with fewer resources.

Flexibility is the new standard

Whether your business needs are evolving or you have fluctuating loan parameters, the Nortridge Loan System is ideal. Re-invent your business and change how you manage your loan portfolios. With hundreds of user-defined fields (UDFs) - configurable with date fields, drop-down boxes, and check-boxes using our visual editor - you can track and report on the most relevant items.

Robust Automation

Automate the full range of loan management tasks underlying your business. The Nortridge Loan System is the central control point that helps you smoothly perform everything from loan origination and loan importing to check-writing and reporting. Retrieve and act on data from almost any internal or external data source, without custom coding. Set actions to be performed based on events, transactions, timing, or conditions in a loan.

Efficiency through process

Process-driven loan servicing organizations are more efficient than those that "wing it". Automation and the implementation of workflows based on best practices are the cornerstones of the Nortridge Loan System and dramatically impact the daily productivity of our customers.

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Technology Architecture

technology architecture structure for loan software

Runs on Windows

Open architecture that supports both Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases. Windows application services allow for distribution of processing to many nodes

Integral Scripting Environment

Supports C-Script and VBScript that allows you to customize application behavior and control the workflow rules.

Comprehensive API

Our API supports multiple interfaces including XML, SOAP, COM, VB and C++

Client web access

Create a web portal using SOAP-based web services that allows your customers to pay online and view statements

Two delivery Options


Use the software as a service (SaaS), when and where you need it. There’s no need to buy hardware, operating systems, and networking resources. And there’s no need for a dedicated IT staff to keep it all running. Offered at a reasonable monthly fee that keeps startup cost to a minimum and provides predictable ongoing budgeting, you'll get all of our features and functionality from any place with a computer and a broadband connection. We host and manage the Nortridge solution from multiple, secure, SSAE16 audited data centers, in real-time mirrored configurations with automated backup and fail over. Learn more


Buy the software outright. Get maximum flexibility with this option. When you license NLS, you'll be able to host it on your own servers and have full control over the deployment


add modules escrow, users and multibook accounting

The Nortridge Loan System includes, at its core, Origination, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Servicing, and Collections. In addition to these standard components, expanded functionality is delivered through the following modules:

Multibook Accounting

Multibook Accounting allows loans to report to two or more different sets of books in the General Ledger. For buyers of distressed debt, where loans are purchased at a discount or premium, this module allows you to track both the customer's contractual balance as well as the lender's cost-basis balance. Read about the Multibook Accounting Module


In conforming to requirements of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), Nortridge Escrow performs all of the traditional functions escrow officers typically encounter, including billing, collection, payments, and transaction data analysis. Read more about the escrow module


The Participations Module easily handles source-of-funds tracking, participations and syndications. Read more about the participations module

Client Web Portal

Every lender today needs to provide easy online access for their borrowers. Nortridge supplies a standard borrower portal template, which is standard website HTML and CSS. It gives lenders and servicers complete control over what their borrowers can access via a web-based, front-end portal. The borrower portal template includes all of the back-end web services and XML to connect with NLS to let customers view their loans, payment history, statements, make credit/debit card or ACH payments, schedule recurring ACH payments, and modify their contact information. It also handles the management of user credentials, including creation of new users, password resets and security controls.

Support Services

training and support

Consulting Services

Nortridge works with our customers to realize maximum value from their loan servicing software investments. Leveraging our broad experience and utilizing proven methodologies, our consultants can reduce implementation costs, develop customized solutions and streamline business processes.

No two customers are exactly alike; all have their own unique goals and requirements. To meet these varying objectives, Nortridge Consulting strives to partner with our clients to build value-added solutions upon the Nortridge foundation. Click here for more information.


The first step to a productive engagement with the Nortridge solution is a successful knowledge transfer to each end-user. As such, we have created flexible training options to ensure your team is best prepared to leverage our product. Courses are available for multiple focus areas and skill levels and can be conducted at our site, at your site, or online. Click here for more information.


After implementing a new software platform, you deserve the peace of mind that business continuity will not be interrupted by problems. To this end, Nortridge provides direct access to experienced service professionals for immediate assistance with daily operations and system usage. All our customer support is provided out of multiple locations within the United States.